We have worked with some of the biggest companies and best-know brands in Middle Tennessee.



Completed three projects, including:

  • Analyzed their talent across key positions, the results of which were presented to HCA’s C-suite.
  • Identified and addressed concerns surrounding succession planning, so as to ensure consistent quality of leadership at the helms of their most critical facilities.
  • Optimized their data analytics and reporting processes, ensuring effective and timely decision-making.
  • Created reporting layer for major contract labor reduction initiative.


  • Led internal consulting team to make recommendations on largest customer-facing change in FedEx history, one affecting several billion dollars in revenue.
  • Completed extensive analysis of merging internal sales forces of acquired firms.
  • Presented recommendations to senior management on how to optimize the alignment of sales force.


  • Created Monte Carlo simulation to determine optimal process configurations.  This led to turnover time reduced by 60% and production output increased by 75%.  Oversaw OEE expansion and improvement effort.
  • Worked with client to develop and implement planning and scheduling tool designed to ease the planning process, track deviations from original schedule, and project impacts resulting from those changes.
Michael brought notable value to our team. He learns quickly, seeks to understand customer needs and offers solutions. Michael is collaborative and formed strong working relationships with members of our team. I very much enjoyed working with Michael!
— Jen Berres, VP Human Resources Group, HCA